CRiSP Release v8.1

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v8.1

Version 8.1.4b November 2003

WebNews: Add support for alerts which can be used to filter out news items, and add some performance improvements.
Improvements to Perl routines and tagging. Add Perl operator syntax coloring.
Fix possible GPF in table control.
When diffing, allow us to specify a regexp for filtering lines which should be ignored when comparing. Also no longer follows symlinks when recursive scanning to avoid infinite directory loops.

When calling diff macro from the command prompt, we can use the shell like operator to make specifying directories easier.

Fix problem in GUI search & replace popup dialog not allowing cancel or global being performed properly.
crunch: Support added for Perl like =~ and !~ regexp operators. Also added qw() syntax to allow easier regular expression specifications without having to double up backslashes. Updated the hier macro to include CRiSP specific operator table.
Fix possible performance problem when bracket matching is enabled and typing an expression.

Version 8.1.4a October 2003

Add support for the GAUSS programming language.
Fix problem in the Contents/Files window where bolding/unbolding loaded buffers might not work if the directory was changed via the Path input field.
Fix various problems in the webnews Options dialog and make it easier to enable/disable various sites.
Fix bug in cos() primitive doing the wrong thing.
Change the way UTF-16 files are processed so that searching works properly.
Fix problem in mkdir primitive possibly creating directories with incorrect permissions.
Add a showall icon to the toolbar to toggle the search highlighting feature.
Add list_subtract primitive and make list -= string call the primitive.
Add DNS name caching for async behaviour. Improve Windows name lookup performance by using async hostname functions.

Version 8.1.3d October 2003

Fix problem with <Shift-Tab> in character mode popup button navigation.
WebNews: Enhancements in this release include Google newsgroup monitoring, eBay auction monitoring and configurable background colors for Categories.

CRiSP now supports asynchronous DNS hostname lookup to avoid hanging when polling a site. Various performance improvements so that site polling is less noticable on editing.

XML beautify enhancements.
Enhance the chmod command to allow the filename to be omitted in which case it defaults to the current file. Also will reload the current buffer if the permissions change (e.g. to honor read-only permissions settings).
Fix Linux code generation to avoid Pentium-III and above dependancies.
Add syntax coloring for Palm Markup Languages.
Fix syntax coloring issue in certain HTML/XML element definitions.
Fix memory leak in toggle button creation.

Version 8.1.3b September 2003

CRiSP now launches the default browser on Mac OS X when launching web pages, e.g. from the webnews browser.
Allow multi-level Sections/Contents views to be collapsed.
Fix vi source command to properly handle commands in a file. This can be useful for example to prepare search and replace commands in a file for batch or repetitive use.
Various fixes for line-wrap mode.
Fixes for JavaScript tag parsing.
Fix problems with the Function Calls dialog.

Version 8.1.3a September 2003

WebNews: New Contents view available for dynamic internet news monitoring.
Added tooltips support to tables if a cell cannot show the complete contents. Useful with the WebNews feature for reading long headlines.
Some fixes and enhancements for CVS Source code control.

Version 8.1.2d August 2003

Added support for Verilog code beautification.

beautify macro can now be called from character mode to format a buffer.

Coming soon! Webnews. Ever wanted to keep upto date with news websites whilst still editing? Well now you can. CRiSP provides a new first - dynamic web news updating in the Contents window. A pre-release of this is available by loading the macro gui/webnews.
output_file would turn off some buffer attributes (such as system buffer).
CRiSP can now launch pages using Unix based Opera web browser.

Version 8.1.2c August 2003

Improvements to tagging, syntax coloring and infotips for the Ruby programming language.
Add support for a proxy server when accessing WWW pages.
Fix slow memory leak in list manipulation.
Crunch macro language has been upgraded to support C++ style try..catch..throw exception mechanism.
Fix broken filename_completion mode which will fill out partial ambiguous filenames at the Edit file: prompt.
Add a set grep_filter=PATTERN command. When using the grep command, you can filter lines, e.g. to ignore files in /RCS/ directories.
When doing filename completion at the Edit file: prompt and the typed path does not exist, pops up a dialog rather than doing nothing or showing files in the current directory.
The Find next function and Find prev function commands have been recoded to use the tags mechanism so that it will work with all languages rather than just C/C++.
Fix problem with deleting lines in UTF-xx files.
When popping up a macro error, show arguments and local variables for the stack so it is easier to diagnose issues. Also all errors go to the Trace-Buffer.

Version 8.1.2b July 2003

When a project is open, the project name will now appear on the toolbar.
Added new icon to the RCS toolbar to check in all checkout files in a project.
Added a new Contents/File view to display the currently loaded buffers.
Numerous fixes for Mac OS X version including transparent line drawing, fixing visibility of scrollbar in Help windows, and core dump if Close All used.

Version 8.1.2a July 2003

Support for multi-faceted Contents windows implemented. This allows you to create Contents windows as MDI windows within the edit area. Usually, the contents window is a window to the left of the edit area and although useful for viewing various items, like file lists or project tags, you can only view one type of entity at a time. The Multi-Faceted Contents window lets you create multiple instances of them and you can have as many views visible as you like, even iconising them if necessary.
Add syntax coloring for crisp control methods (e.g. id.root_x())
When updating the file items for a project, the Filter dialog remembers previous settings making it easier to update a project and exclude files.
Mac OS X/Cocoa: Fix problem with tooltips.

Version 8.1.1h June 2003

Various XML enhancements. Better tagging and <Ctrl-G> routines support. When displaying XML in the Contents/Sections view, the elements are indented to show the hierarchy of nesting.
Possible projects file corruption possible when updating preferences due to a bug in the clear_buffer() primitive.
Added extra file icons for XML and DTD files.
New Properties menu item in the Contents/Files context menu to show all the details of a file.
FTP: When cancelling an upload or download, ensure the connection can still be used.
Fix some colorisation issues which would cause strange coloring when doing a page down and with bracket flashing enabled.
Diff: New option to show blanked deleted lines rather than strikethru text. Add support for showing inserted and deleted lines in a different background color.
Contents/Sections and routines significant speedups.

Version 8.1.1f June 2003

Added a "Show Prototypes" option to the Contents/Sections window which will toggle the showing of prototypes for the current file. The Language Editing Modes dialog has been modified in the General Settings page to allow specifying the default behaviour for each language type as to whether prototypes will be shown or not.

Typically this would be disabled for C/C++ header files, but might be enabled for SQL source files, etc.

Fix parsing of SQL procedure prototypes not being tagged correctly.
Fix problem with Win32/SFTP whereby file handle not being closed properly when a file is downloaded, making it impossible to resave the file.
Added some extra ADA95 syntax coloring elements. Allow overloaded function names when tagging source files for ADA95.
Changes to the Tools and RCS options menus. Now we only show entries in the menu if the commands are defined. Added new RCS command type "Project Checkout" which is needed by CVS.

Version 8.1.1e May 2003

Added support for ASP infotips.
Added support for PHP infotips.
Honor the filename exclude filter on the Contents/File tree view.

Version 8.1.1d May 2003

Fixed SQL tag parser to correctly identify procs and functions.
Implemented primitives to allow color themes to be implemented, e.g. changing default color schemes of the GUI controls.
Added new color type to allow setting of the background color for the line number background.
The Contents/Sections list now shows different icons for global/private functions and procedures.

Version 8.1.1c May 2003

Fix problem with window manager layout when using the KDE 3.x kwin window manager.
Mac OS X: Allow us to click on a tree view entry even if a tooltip is present.

Fix problem with core dump when dragging a divider/slider window boundary.

Fix display glitch for tabbed control redrawing.

Fix hilight drawing when line wrap (set lw) is enabled and a multiline region is selected.
Under Windows, the Contents/Files panel was not updating when a change to the directory occurred because we were using the wrong mtime for a directory.
Revamp the Find in Files dialog to show the selection of files to be operated on. Also displays a prompt dialog so you can control each string replacement.
Fix some tagging issues with Visual Basic source code.
(CYGWIN) FTP/Keepalives wouldnt work on cygwin due to a broken library issue.
Added VHDL to the Languages menu. Various dialog fixes for HTML & VHDL.
(Win32) Fix certain dialog box layout issues.
Added DIR keepalives to ftp options to attempt to defeat some of the cleverer ftp servers.

Version 8.1.1b April 2003

A new top level menu has been created, Language, which is designed to contain language sensitive editing commands. The first such one available is for HTML specific files.
Fix a problem with FTP uploading not being able to find the designated site.
The Find menu now has a Find matching element function which is designed to find the corresponding open or close element in an XML./HTML file.
Fix some problems with the goto_byte_pos primitive not placing the cursor where expected.
Fix a problem with FTP uploading not being able to find the designated site.
New HTML templates and dialogs. CRiSP now contains a fully featured suite of HTML dialogs to aid in entry of all the HTML element types along with their attributes.
Various Mac OS X fixes. Dialogs now use native Mac OS background.
Fix Windows install problem when copying existing options over.
CRiSP can now launch files into Mozilla on Windows, if that browser is configured.
(Windows) cr.exe handles certain German AltGr keys properly.

Version 8.1.1a April 2003

Fix various problems with SFTP file transfers.
Fix Perl syntax coloring for \'...\'

Fix HTML attribute syntax coloring when an unknown attribute is specified.

Add extended support for IBM/MVS/FTP server.
X11: Fix problem not specifying window manager size hints which would cause twm to prompt to place windows on screen.

Version 8.1.0e March 2003

Fix GPF if list_of_buffers() called when all buffers have been closed.
Avoid diagnostic when showing the Workspaces dialog.
Addition of the VHD language templates.
Added a new menu item Help Check for update to see if a new version of CRiSP is available.
Added a new File Open http:// file menu entry. This can be used to open a web page and download it into the editor for viewing purposes. You can use the <Ctrl-A><Ctrl-H> shortcut to access the same function.

Version 8.1.0d February 2003

Win32: New installation package wrapper designed to be more immune to any viruses. The installation package is a wrapper around the Wise installer and does a checksum on the CRISP.EXE to detect any tampering with the file.
Added a Template Editor dialog (accessible from the Edit menu or the Contents/Template context menu). This lets you customize the templates in the various template files..
Ensure the Favorites view in the Contents window is sorted alphabetically when shown.
Win32: Fix various problems with wheel mouse, especially when viewing a hexmode buffer.

Version 8.1.0c January 2003

Fix problem with context menus not appearing on Apple OSX/X11, Cygwin, OpenBSD.
Fix widget traversal problem on Cygwin due to GCC compiler bug.
By default, the Undo function no longer records positional information. This means that a sequence of edit operations, followed by undo can be replayed (redone) even if the cursor is moved.
Fix core dump when using FTP as it tries to update the status bar due to recent changes to pixmap handling.
Fix problem when using X-Win32 X server and dialogs are not repositioned correctly.
Fix handling of Perl regular expressions.
Fix encryption primitive which would cause some FTP passwords to not work properly.
Add CSS syntax colorization support.

Version 8.1.0b January 2003

New look to the toolbar area showing a color gradient, similar to Microsoft Office 11.
The table control can now draw transparent bitmaps so that the selected line icon doesn't necessarily show a white background border.
Fix problem with the Find Previous Function not working If the file uses function as a function definition keyword.
Fix problems with the Edit File character mode popup not handling filenames with semicolons in them. Fix other parts of CRiSP which are similarly affected.
Added support for proper UTF-8/UTF-16/UTF-32 files. If a character cannot be displayed in the current font then it is displayed as a \Unnnn sequence to show the character value.
Upgraded Matlab colorizer and added tagging support for Matlab files.
Various Mac OS X fixes including handling <Enter> on dialog boxes. Unfortunately the Mac OS X interface guidelines do not provide complete keyboard control of a dialog, so in many places, keyboard accelerators will not work.