CRiSP Release v9.1

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v9.1

Version 9.1.6b May 2006

Fix possible panic if assign_to_key() called with invalid second argument.
Add new command line switch to cr.exe (-screen COLSxROWS) to allow setting the size of the initial screen size in the console window.
Add support for <Keypad-Enter> to cr.exe.

Version 9.1.6a April 2006

Add variable-width column sorting to the Sort dialog.
Audit feature (set audit) allows for logging of files being opened/saved/switched-to.
Fix Edit file: prompt expansion for "../" (parent directory) when the directory is empty.
Experimental support for file sanity checking in a separate thread to avoid delays in response when checking remote files.

Version 9.1.5a March 2006

Add Solaris-10 support - for both 32 and 64 bit releases.
Fix problem with filename completion when referring to an empty directory.
The command line "v/regexp/d" command would show an incorrect progress indicator.
When using the character mode file popup (<Tab> completion on filenames), you can use <Ctrl-A> to select all files and <Ctrl-V> to invert the selection.
Crunch preprocessor - fix line counting in multiline comments.
Various enhancements to the wheel mouse processing for edit, table and tree view windows.

Version 9.1.4c February 2006

Prior change for laying out the Database window was breaking the Search/Replace options area.
Add describe_key macro to let you grep on keyboard assignments. Use at the <F10> prompt and specify a keyword or regexp to match against.
Add m4 syntax coloring (specifically: syntax coloring for GNU autoconf m4 files).
Fix issue with sscanf not working properly for certain %s constructs.
Fix issue with find_prev_function always going to prior function rather than top of current function when first invoked.
Fix issue with tag browser which could leave CRiSP in a busy state if tag file goes missing.

Version 9.1.4b January 2006

When doing <Tab> filename completion, handle single matches properly - don't pop up a window.
Fix issues with outline and linewrap not mapping the mouse properly when used together.
Implement #error support in the new preprocessor. Fix problems with nested #if type statements.

Allow #! on first line of macro files to allow scripts to be run directly.

<Ctrl-Up> and <Ctrl-Down> now work properly for line wrapped buffers.
Fix issue with Contents/Database window not laying out properly.

Version 9.1.4a December 2005

(MacOSX) Implement passworded fields to not display what you are typing.
Add support for ignoring CAPSLock on Windows.
Fix some table drawing issues.
The crunch preprocessor is now builtin into the executable rather than as a separate program, to speed up compilation speed.
(Unix) When clicking in a control in an MDI window, ensure MDI child window is activate and made topmost.
Fix problem with on line help being out by one in the Index search. Fix problem with entries containing ">" character.
Fix core dump when globbing big directories.
Fix problem not showing highlights in outline mode buffers.

Version 9.1.3b November 2005

Speed improvements for diffing files.
Avoid treating files with lots of NULLs at the start as Unicode files.
Turn off brace flashing if we lose input focus.
Add compiler support for Ant/javac.
Fix broken "%p" processing in status messages. (The %p was being displayed).
Fix SQL parsing of "CREATE TABLE" statements in the tagging code.

Version 9.1.3a October 2005

Fix problem with ftp keepalives and dead remote ends hanging CRiSP.
(Unix): Implement gradient colored MDI title windows.
Add support for Sybase/database in the Contents window, but this will not be supported on most platforms due to issues of libraries and versions for these platforms. If anyone is interested in this specific feature, please contact me and I can go into the feature set in detail.
Disable fast autorepeat on mouse motion - sometimes autorepeat goes into fast repeat mode and this workaround avoids the problem.
Enhancements to the table control - mostly for the database MDI windows. Fixed some drawing issues and improved keyboard handling for non-list like tables.
Fix problem where trying to close an MDI window would cause a popup which couldnt be dismissed.
When printing, use file modification time, not current time for the footer.
Modified buffers show up in a pale blue color in the file tabs to make them more obvious.
Fix possible problem when typing ahead during a file save - file saves can be aborted with <Esc> but it was possible to abort internal system buffer saves (e.g. user configuration).

Version 9.1.2b August 2005

The Sort dialog and sort command now support combined text+numeric sorting. You can sort based on AAANNNN type columns by selecting both text and numeric options. Added option for case independent sorting.
Some Verilog beautify enhancements.
Crunch compiler can now be used on a directory and will recursively compile all macros.

Version 9.1.2a July 2005

Due to incompatible differences on Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4, crisp is now available as separate builds for the two platforms. In addition, the name of the binary directory is changed in anticipation of an x86 port for Mac OS X.
Mac OS X 10.4: Various fixes for Tiger - icon display, menus not popping up. Fix background drawing issue.

Fix for "cr" when $TERM set to "xterm-color"

Perl mode regular expression mode supported.

Version 9.1.1c June 2005

Possible core dump with the Spell checking dialog if the Output window is visible.
New feature assigned to <Alt-F> - follow file. Use to monitor files which are being appended to, e.g. log files. Based on less's follow feature. The implementation at present is unfinished and doesnt work properly for a lot of scenarios and will be improved. This can be a very useful feature when looking at large log files. The normal reload facility will waste lots of time reloading and rereading the already read parts of a file. The follow feature optimises this by only reading in the new chunk at the end of the file.

Version 9.1.1b June 2005

Add .rss default file type.
Some fixes for the recent undo changes.
(Win32) Fix startup font height computation for some fonts.
If we try to edit a permission denied file on the command line, tell the user what is going on.
Some fixes for RCS/CVS setup.
Correct some bugs in handling Unicode files.
Edit file: prompt lets us specify a file as /path/to/**/file which will cause CRiSP to look for file anywhere under the /path/to directory. We previously supported **/ only at the start of a filename.
Add support for \e in regexps which is like \c but can be used to indicate the end of a matching pattern.
Ensure cursor on the command line is correct color and shape depending on insert/overtype mode.
(X11) Possible core dump in combo fields.
(Win32) Open File dialog positioned the Binary file open type incorrectly.

Version 9.1.1a May 2005

(Win32) cr.exe: Handle <Ctrl-I> as a separate keystroke to <Tab>. Fix handling of <Ctrl-Up> Better handling of Alt-nnn sequences when using the cursor pad.
Fix a problem when undo/redo applied at or after last line of file - extra blank line being added and causing an internal assertion error.
Ada tagging supports nested package names.
Fix problem not being able to display some characters at the command prompt.
Fix some possible core dumps if no buffer active.
Goto line macro lets you specify a percent to jump to, e.g. 10%.
Fix problems and core dumps when editing Unicode files. Allow characters to be displayed properly.
Fix problem in table control which could cause a core dump after last mem leak was fixed.
Fix problem with nested registered macros which could core dump and memory leak under pathological situations.
When using the mouse to select a region, make the region non-inclusive so that its possible to drag out entire lines.

Version 9.1.0f May 2005

Fix various problems with Edit Language Templates.
(MacOSX) Handle floating windows properly.
Avoid GPF/core dump if interrupting a system buffer file save.
Fix problem with space/tab conversions not working on last line of region.
(Win32) Better mouse wheel handling.
Allow us to undo buffer flag modifications, such as line mode or modified line mode.
Fix slowdown and memory bloat in table control due to previous memory leak fix..
MacOSX: Fix handling of European keyboard layouts. You can use AltGr (right hand Alt) to get the locale specific characters, and <Alt> is reserved for CRiSPs key bindings.

Add xterm-color TERM setting to the termcap list so that cr can be used on Tiger's Terminal.

Minor fix to the character mode window borders.
The Search and replace prompt now includes a Repeat option. If this is selected, you are prompted for how many entries to replace.
WebNews: Fix problem launching browser when ampersand is in the URL.

Version 9.1.0e May 2005

Various minor memory leaks fixed.
WebNews enhancements and site updates. Added support for Atom feeds in addition to RSS, e.g. as supported by Google groups.
(Win32) Support for displaying UTF-8/Unicode character glyphs when the font supports it. Best results have been obtained with a fixed width font such as Lucida-Console.
Add LIT/IC indicators to all the search and translate prompts.

Version 9.1.0d April 2005

Fixed memory/resource leak when destroying icons.
When using <Ctrl-R> to repeat a keystroke macro til EOF, we turn off wrapscan searching mode to avoid having macro take forever.
(Unix) CRiSP can run as a background server if the command line -batch switch is used. This works now even if stdin has been redirected. CRiSP can now run webnews automatically as a background process by executing:

cr -batch -mwebnews

Fix problem when undoing a scrap operation not putting the scrap back the way it was.
The Search for: command line prompt now tells you if case-independent or non-regexp searches are being performed with the IC (ignore case) or LIT indicators.
Some webnews site additions/deletions.

Version 9.1.0c April 2005

Allow mousewheel to work over the hovered window without having to click for focus.
Sorting a marked region wouldn't insert the last newline necessary.
Fix problem with undo introduced in v9.1.0b which could cause us to not save a file since we thought the buffer hadn't been modified.
When deleting a viewed buffer, we now restore the previously viewed buffer.

Version 9.1.0b April 2005

Fix problem when doing search and replace on a marked region. Region could extend too much to the left or right depending on it being a column or normal/non-inclusive region under some circumstances.
Saving of files can be cancelled by hitting <Esc> or <Ctrl-C> (<Ctrl-C> only in character mode).
Cursor might show incorrect state when editing a new file.
Fix Java tagging when processing a method with arguments.
Add support for syntax coloring of the D programming language (see
Allow spaces in abbreviations filenames.
Fix macro execution engine issue which could cause macro errors in the Infotips popups.
Fix problem in Color selector dialog where the bold/underline state wasn't showing properly.
Optimise the way undo file space is allocated so that we use the space more efficiently. Potential speedups on certain types of search and replace.

Version 9.1.0a March 2005

Fix some problems with large undo files.
(X11) Use internal table control for combo field drop downs instead of the Motif ones. Now properly responds to the keyboard.