CRiSP Release v9.2

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v9.2

Version 9.2.4a April 2007

Make Help work on Vista. Windows Vista no longer supports the older HLP file format, so use the Unix code.
Fix XML tagging when faced with <.../> elements.
Fix memory problem after 256 dialog boxes have been opened.

Version 9.2.3b March 2007

Enhance the Verilog tag functions to support newer language constructs.
<Alt-F> on a piped buffer now works like tail -f operation. Allow stuck pipes to be aborted with <Ctrl-C>.

Version 9.2.3b March 2007

Tabbed control is now "colorful". Based on an idea for a Firefox extension, pale hue colors are used in the tabs to brighten CRiSP up a little.
(Unix) Improved pipe support. When piping into CRiSP, CRiSP can handle non-terminating pipes, e.g. "tail -f file | crisp" is not Ctrl-C capable, and when using the <Alt-F> (follow buffer) command, will resume reading from the pipe to capture more input. Previously CRiSP would hang until EOF was read, which meant high latency pipes were not usable.
When repeating a macro - if the macro takes more than a few seconds, a beep is issued to signal completion, e.g. so that people running long running commands will know when it has finished.

Version 9.2.3a February 2007

Fix problem in editing UTF16 files which, when saved, would cause corruption of the UTF16 sequences.
(Win32) Implement uninstaller for package

Version 9.2.2b January 2007

Bug fixes for installer on Windows 98/2000 operating systems.

Version 9.2.2a January 2007

In the Contents/Routines view, new menu options to allow visibility of line numbers and text lines. Also, added a Collapse other option to make navigation large trees, e.g. for XML files easier.
Enhancements for Verilog (SV) tagging facilities.

Version 9.2.1c December 2006

(Win32): The old WiSE based installer has been replaced with a new implementation which works on Windows Vista. Reports had come in that the existing distributions may fail due to enhanced security checking. The old install was a third party product which may have assumed complete access, whereas this installer is more traditional and should work.

In addition, the Windows distribution is now significantly smaller since the compiled macros are no longer inside the distribution, but instead are compiled during installation.

Macro language enhancements to support op= operations on hashes and array elements.
Some Perl syntax coloring fixes.
Printing using the HTML output format for a buffer which had been showing file differences, generated incorrect output. Now correctly shows modified line markers and colorings.
Fix some problems with WebNews not saving users settings.
New support/contact email: There is a chance that the address may be discontinued at some point in the future.

Version 9.2.1b October 2006

Line "boxing" added to show the current line in a dotted box, to make it more prominent.

Version 9.2.1a October 2006

Support current-line boxing to more clearly hilight the current line.
Fix problem with "**<Tab>" filename completion causing a GPF.
Some security fixes to tmpnam(), tempnam(). Avoid possible core dump on exit when undo file closed twice.
Crunch compiler to better support reference arguments which can now be used in base primitives, using "pointer symbols"
Fix setup dialog which wouldnt let multiple rulers be specified and saved.
In X11, support Alt-Ins as a unique keystroke.
When calling hilight_destroy(), ensure all views are updated.
Add tags support for *.ini files.
<Ctrl-N>/<Ctrl-P> can now be used on multiple results sets for tags.

Version 9.2.0c September 2006

When doing <Shift-Arrow> key, update the window manager title properly.
Tags: add support for tagging plain text files (full word indexing). This exposes limitations for large files in the way CRiSP stores the tag file and can use excessive memory. Crtags updated to improve memory usage, but more work needs to be done to be able to tag/xref large volumes of data.

Fix problem with crtags leaving lock file inplace and removing the tag file if the output of "crtags -list" is sent to a pipe.

Fix problem with time_passed() primitive when waiting for sub-second intervals.

Version 9.2.0b July 2006

Fix template expansion issue in verilog code for the if statement not honoring users indentation preference.
WebNews enhancement to add "WebShots" - more detailed webnews HTML pages kept for off line reading.
Fix problem with crunch preprocessor getting line numbers wrong after certain constructs and use of #if 0 .. #endif
Enhance support for using CRiSP over a NAT firewall link.
Fix core dump on Verilog tagging when typedefs are present.
If a tag file is corrupted, we now remove it, rather than tripping up on startup and causing repetitive core dump.
When moving through XML files, now display the current Xpath on the status line.
XML object now available in crunch object to allow XML files be parsed and to extract the various Xpaths from it.