Last updated: Tue Sep 21 10:20:06 2021


This page contains macros contributed by users of CRiSP. These macros perform a variety of utility functions. In some instances these functions already exist in CRiSP, and in other instances there seems no natural place for these user specific macros to reside.

CRiSP is very customizable and many users like to create their own private macros based on their experiences and interests. This page is dedicated to users who want to share work with others.

Foxtrot Systems does not guarantee the functionality or quality of these macros - this is intended to be a user based forum for sharing and we do not guarantee that these macros will work as is.

If you want to contribute your own work, please email and your work will be submitted here. It is strongly advised to put a banner at the top of the macro showing name, contact details for updates (if you want), and a disclaimer of utility. Also a version number and date would be good too so people can track for later releases.

17-Aug-2004 Set of CRiSP macros to support the GAP interpreter.
09-Nov-2001 Utility macros.
02-Feb-2002 Macro illustrating how to create menu items and context sensitive menu items.