This page contains useful links to a variety of sites of interest. Not everything here will appeal to everyone - many of these things are links to resources on the network.

CRiSP links

The following links can be used to find out about purchasing or upgrading CRiSP.
News about CRiSP and Dtrace and other techno things related to software development.
Web blog by the CRiSP / DTrace author with detailed musings on what is happening in the world related to these products.
VITAL, Inc. based in the USA.

Other links

None of these links should be construed as an endorsement of these products or services. The information provided here is as is, and has been found to be useful by the authors. Whether it is for you depends on your individual interests.
News aggregator (written by CRiSP author) for personal use. Optimises internet news reading on mobile and helps if disconnected from the mobile network - upto 250k (compressed to a 90k payload) without adverts. Not for commercial use, but similar links to the sites listed here, and more.
Hacker News - brilliant supply of thought provoking articles on coding, algorithms, "fashions" in programming. The comments are as illuminating as the links to the articles.
Snippets of technology and gadget info provided by viewers of the web rather than paid for journalists. Can be useful to get early headlines on interesting technological subjects.
News about gadgets. Updated frequently during the day.
News about gadgets. Updated frequently during the day. Very similar to engadget up.
Useful collection of links and definitions relevant to the Internet.
Home site for the GNU project. Contains pointers to lots of free software, much of it very useful on its own and for its educational insights into how real programs work.
Information on the gzip package and source code for multiple platforms.
Home site for Perl - source, modules, documentation.
Alternative browser to Internet Explorer and Netscape/Mozilla. Very good, and lots of features. Also useful to avoid virus infection on your browser.
Daily technology newsbytes with a hint of sarcasm.
Another daily technology newsbytes with a hint of sarcasm.
VMware is a product for Windows and Linux platforms to support virtual operating systems (run Linux inside Windows or vice versa. Excellent product for software development.
Home of the Dr. Dobbs journal - website containing programming related articles and announcements.
PowerPC Virtual Machine emulator that can emulate Mac OS X. Brilliant piece of software if you want to run a Mac on Windows or Linux. (Old)
Information on the zlib compression and decompression libraries.