CRiSP is available via a node locked or floating based mechanism - similar to what many other applications provide. Node-locked licensing is simpler to install and maintain, but floating is more designed for larger or corporate environments.

The following is a copy of the legal agreement for the product. It is available (possibly updated), in the distribution, via the "doc/LICENSE.txt" file.

	CRiSP - File Editor

This software is copyrighted software:

	(C) 1987-2020 Paul David Fox. 
	    All Rights Reserved
	        Foxtrot Systems Ltd
		Fyndon Lea,
		  Crawley Ridge,
		    	Surrey, GU15 2AD
	Tel: +44 1276 670603

This software is supplied on an as is basis, and is owned by the company listed above. The software is licensed to end users, or organisations, on an ongoing basis.

Users are precluded from disassembling, reselling, or mislabelling the software or its origins.

CRiSP may be installed on multiple machines - desktops and servers, as befits the organisation or users.

CRiSP does not attempt to contact outside websites, except for periodic checks, for new software versions. Any such contact may be denied (e.g. via firewalls), without impacting the end user experience.

Use of the software is not time limited. Whilst periodic upgrades may be warranted, e.g. due to operating system changes, or bugs, the software will continue to work, and no license or maintenance expiry will trigger a denial of the software.

CRiSP is designed to work on end-user files - text files, program code, or related items. It does not offer encryption, or have issues regarding encryption technology.

End user support may be offered, e.g. via the mail address above, and a degree of free support is available at all times - feature questions, usability, or operational usage. If significant demands are required for support, this can be entertained after more significant conversation.

CRiSP is offered on the basis of a personal license, or a floating/network locked license. For small organisation, or personal use, the personal license will involve installing a small (text) file, which details the license (version, user name, and usage count). The floating license typically requires a dedicated server host (which can be shared with other applications), but typically requires 24x7 uptime, to service end user requests to launch software.

CRiSP is available as a 21-day license free evaluation, after which time, the software will deny ability to save files (but all other functionality is available, e.g. to view files). Updates to the license may be acquired (e.g. to extend the time limit), by contacting the email address mentioned above.