Over the years, CRiSP has been ported to more than 100 variants of operating system and versions. The world has standardised on Linux, Windows & MacOS; CRiSP has been supported on the historic operating systems, but since there is no vendor support for these, then they have been discarded. (If there is a need for a custom or ancient OS version, existing binaries may suffice, or, after discussion, can be arranged, e.g. via a VM emulation or access to a machine).

In addition to these officially supported platforms, we also can perform a custom build for unsupported platforms. If you have a mixed environment of machines and operating systems and would like to utilise the power of CRiSP on your network, contact one of our suppliers and talk to us.

CRiSP is available for the a variety of platforms - ensuring you can have the same experience no matter what your system of choice is. Not all platforms are shown below - if you have interest in something not shown, please let us know.

Vendor CPU OS
Apple x86/64-bit MacOS 10.13 and above
Linux x86/32-bit All
Linux x86/64-bit All
Microsoft x86/32-bit Windows 7 & 10
Microsoft x86/64-bit Windows 7 & 10