This page is devoted to CSiDE - a set of custom macros which can be used to access a Sybase server. Currently we only support Sybase system 10 & 11 running on a Solaris 2 platform.

CSiDE is a set of macros which provides quick browser like access to data in tables and stored procedures. The product offers a lot of functionality but is very unfinished and in some errors it is buggy. The majority of the product is designed around browsing databases. It is designed as a replacement for the very deficient isql command line tool.

The product has been in existence for many years but has until now, not been released for a variety of reasons. It is now being released to get some feedback from people or just to provide a free utility which can make all our lives a little bit easier.

The CSiDE system consists of two shared libraries which are loaded with the CRiSP editor, plus some support macros. These shared libraries implement the interface to the Sybase libraries - effectively adding primitives to the CRiSP macro language to allow access to Sybase.

In addition a shell script wrapper for CRiSP is provided which is used to invoke CSiDE. You will find this in the scripts/cside script. You may need to customise this, e.g. to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH if CSiDE cannot find the required shared libraries on your system.

Downloading CSiDE

You can get a copy of CSiDE from

Invoking CSiDE

To invoke CSiDE, run the script: scripts/cside. Assuming crisp is in your path, then you will get a little database login window. Here you will need to specify the name of your login server, user name and password. When you have logged in you will be presented with the main CSiDE window which will allow you to browse.

CSiDE provides a lot of facilities for browsing. You can even type in interactive SQL commands and execute them (opting to see the output in a CRiSP edit window or a table window).


This software is provided as is. It can be very useful to you, but it if used improperly you could delete objects from your database. We accept no responsibility for this. Do not attempt to use the "DROP" commands available in the product as they are a work in progress.

The user interface is quirky - some things work as expected, some don't. Thats why the product is free.


There is no official CSiDE documentation so you are on your own, although we will endeavour to support the product via e-mail ( If we get sufficient feedback and time to enhance the product then it will move forward.