This page contains links to tools which are designed to compliment CRiSP. If the tool you want on your platform of choice is not present, then please contact and we will see what we can do.

CRiSP is an editor designed to give the user the power and flexibility of a modern day editor - giving the user the power and flexibility to edit ... enjoyably.

Blog 06-Dec-2008 - blog authoring script.
DTrace for Linux 02-Aug-2008 Work in progress port of Sun's DTrace system for Linux.
Solaris Tools 09-Oct-2002 Random collection of tools, including fcterm, proc and ptrace.
fcterm 16-Jun-2007 FCTERM is a color terminal emulator like cxterm or xterm, but is specifically designed to work as a normal shell window and allow character mode CRiSP (cr) to run. A binary and .Xdefaults file is provided, and you need to run the terminal emulator as "fcterm -name xcrisp" for the best effect. As well as being a compatible xterm emulator, it supports multiple tabs and a unique "map" of what is happening on the other terminals.