NOTE! October 1999: The software for this driver is known not to work, and has not been worked on for over a year. The driver here is provided for anyone interested in continuing this work. I have moved on from the unsupported IBM cards to something better and have at present abandoned work on this driver due to lack of information to complete the work presented here. At one point someone was working on a FreeBSD and an Windows NT driver but I am not aware of any more progress in those areas than the work presented here. Best of luck.

This page is the link for downloading my driver for the above named card. There is a lot of interest in this, as the cards are no longer being made by IBM but the going price is a mere $30 or so. Don't contact me for where tho!

The software I have is a homebrew DOS driver disassembler. This disassembler is very powerful and sophisticated and has helped us to figure out most of its internal workings.

Included is a PCMCIA driver for Linux. This is a work-in-progress. Do not expect to do anything useful with it. Expect it to crash your machine, etc, etc. Don't ask for support.

This software should only be downloaded by people who are prepared to get their hands dirty and try and help finish it off. When the driver works the proper announcements in the right places will be done.

This software includes the source to the disassembler, an annotation file for the IBM LAN driver and the Linux PCMCIA driver. To install the PCMCIA driver you will need to read the README file. At some point in the future the disassembler will be separated from the PCMCIA driver.

The disassembler is (C) Foxtrot Systems & Paul Fox. The i386 disassembler is copyright the GNU Free Software Foundation. You may use the package for personal use only. No support or warranty is available.

Download the MS-DOS driver disassembler code dis86-1.0009.tar.gz (76k).

Download the Linux LAN Entry driver source code lanentry-1.0005.tar.gz (110k).

Modification history

11-Sep-1998 lanentry-1.0005 driver. Some minor fixes and code tidy ups.
05-Sep-1998 lanentry-1.0004 updated. Fixed the bad OUTW instructions. Now appears to initialise correctly. Started work on the Tx packet path of code. Now picks up its ethernet address correctly.
05-Sep-1998 dis86-1.0009 updated to fix bug which could cause a core dump in using uninitialized memory.
03-Sep-1998 lanentry driver updated to 1.0003. Fixed the broken /etc/pcmcia/config file and fixed a minor typo in the driver. Finished decompiling the Reset_card (lanentry_reset) function. Still doesnt work tho.