This page is dedicated to non-CRiSP oriented projects.

CRiSP is an editor designed to give the user the power and flexibility of a modern day editor - giving the user the power and flexibility to edit ... enjoyably.

vmware 2.0.4 patch 01-Mar-2002 This is a patch kit for VMWare 2.0.4 which will not install on Linux kernels 2.4.6 or greater due to kernel include file changes. You need to replace a part of the vminstall with the attached files, as VMware unpacks the source files in order to rebuild certain bits. You need to feel comfortable with installing and configuring to make this work for you.
ptrace 13-Feb-2001 Utility like truss but for Solaris 2.x (Sparc) with improved capabilities for diagnosing system calls a program makes and for monitoring applications.
IBM Wireless LAN Entry card This is the software for the IBM Wireless LAN Entry card - a PCMCIA wireless ethernet card. It only operates at 350kbs (thats bits not bytes!) but the cards are cheap!.