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CRiSP is modern and fully featured editor, which can be used by programmers, or for plain text files. An editor with no size limits, and no slowdowns, no matter the size of the files you are editing. It has the features you want, and the features you did not know you needed. Being cross-platform, and available as a console (character mode) or GUI (both supplied as part of the same package and included at the same price). It has a history which stretches back, over time (like the undo feature!), which means consideration has gone into every aspects of usability and features.

CRiSP allows an arbitrary number of files to be edited (each of which can be an arbitrary size). Efficient use of the keyboard ensures most actions are a single keyboard action. CRiSP supports a full GUI experience along with a mouseless-experience, and can run inside a terminal window (e.g. an xterm or CMD.EXE). For command line people, who find constant flipping between windows a nuisance, the console mode is a great way to avoid distractions. Being able to pause and resume execution (Unix systems), means you can avoid screen clutter.

CRiSP is also portable - it runs on all the common platforms - all Unix/Linux systems, MacOSX and Windows.

CRiSP combines the best features of a GUI application, and common editing commands from "Vi", "Emacs", "Visual Studio" along with unique and powerful commands, include batch editing and filtering.

You can do batch editing, or create your own keystroke macros, or create programming language macros to automate repeated tasks.

Buy or download CRiSP

CRiSP can be downloaded from the download page. The software is fully functional and comes with a 21-day evaluation license. If you wish to purchase CRiSP then you can do so, either via paypal or from one of the outlets listed on the contacts page.

To purchase or donate on any of the Foxtrot/CRiSP products, visit the "buy-now" page.

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