Dual cpus a coming Monday, 30 May 2005  
Looks like the dual cpu war is coming .. DELL is beginning to sell the dual core Intel cpus with 64-bit technology. At last, something worth buying!

Dual cpus/64-bit cores will be the thing to buy in the future, especially when the price comes down. Its pretty amazing that Intel advertises the silly blue men and the Intel inside logo without ever stating what these things will achieve .. instead of a poultry 10-30% cpu enhancement, they will be upwards of 40-50%.

Anyone who doesnt really understand the technology will undoubtedly be better off with it, so long as the price differential is realistic.

With the world settling on Linux + Windows + MacOS as the preferred platforms, with the other BSDs and Solaris relegated to third world status, sanity is beginning to come to the platform world.

I have to say the quality of the BSDs and Solaris is impeccable but they are marketed badly. Solaris seems to be in tough world trying to justify its existence based on technology, when most people in the world want color, 3D, sound and hi-quality audio.

Off to fix more bugs...

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  Undo .... Sunday, 29 May 2005  
Hopefully with v9.1.1a the undo modifications made in recent months has come to a close.

The undo code is very old - dating back to the earliest versions of CRiSP (pre v1), and for over a decade has proved remarkably stable.

However, with disks getting larger, and 64-bit cpus becoming more common, the undo info might not fit into a 4GB file and changes were required to make the file supported more than 4GB's worth of data.

In expanding the file to handle more data, the overhead in the file increased, and forced some recoding to support a more modern style, which in turn caused a number of errors to be introduced. Not only that, I had forgotten some of the premises of the code, so silly things broke, and I hadnt realised the number of "key" features which needed to be verified.

Hopefully this is all working now. There remain more optimisations for pathological cases which could be done, but at present the code is dominated by the performance of very annoying pieces of code.

Maybe these will be addressed in the future.

Remember, CRiSP isn't just your product but mine also - its a test bed for software engineering solutions.

I hope to talk about more internal details shortly.

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