Intel NUC...rhymes with ... Thursday, 18 June 2015  
Alas, my Intel NUC decided to die. Our electric meter needed replacing and after a power on - it wouldnt boot. It was suffering amnesia again and refused to find the boot record on the HD. Shame, because I really liked the machine, but wasnt going to play around to see if the boot record had been corrupt or fiddle around with yet another BIOS update. Shame on Intel for releasing the Celeron NUC and letting it be a poor player.

So, lets look for another machine. Intel-on-a-stick. Thats more like it. But the price is excessive, and Intel lost my trust.

Off to a Raspberry Pi2. Having played with the first RaspberryPi and being let down by the very bad power supply sensitive issues, I thought I would try again. I must say, so far, am enjoying it. The NOOB SD card just works - so much better than any other Linux - it installed flawlessly (despite the confusing initial boot/install screen), and TCP worked on the ethernet.

So, the rss feed ( is back up and I just need to copy the crisp website and releases over (as soon as the 128GB USB drive arrives), and should be back in business.

The Pi2 is impressive - 4 core 1GHz ARM processor, but a nuisance as I need to recompile a few binaries over to ARM. At least I can create a new CRiSP release for Pi, and revalidate the ARM dtrace port.

Stay tuned for the crispeditor web site to resurface.

For now the RSS feed supply is a bit dry and empty, but should be a full page of news within 12-24h.

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