Mac OS X 10.4 Monday, 04 July 2005  
Strange - i got a MacMini and asked for OSX 10.4 to be installed on it, but it wasnt! Took me two months or so to realise - I dont use it much, and it just 'seemed to work'.

But then the CRiSP bug reports came in about menus not working, and no matter what I did, I couldnt reproduce them.

Eventually, one kind customer let me VNC into his system to see for myself, and after poking around a bit, found HE was running 10.4 but I wasnt!

So - that helped tremendously.

Unfortunately, Apple, in their great wisdom decided to make 10.4 incompatible with 10.3. At the .3/.4 part of an OS's life, you would think they would cherish application compatibility. Alas not.

I note in 10.4 there is yet another font/typography library to creep out of the woodwork. Maybe this one works and is usable.

Just one bug to go in CRiSP for Macs -- why the shift/ctrl/alt key in input fields moves the focus.

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