Dual core laptops Wednesday, 07 December 2005  
There coming ever so soon...

Ive had my eye on the DELL Inspiron 9300 for a good while now and the price of the machines are very good at keen - for a 1920x1200 display, but am fairly certain that come the new year, the line will be refreshed with a dual core Intel chip (since, alas they arent doing AMD .. yet?)

Of course - I don't need such a beast, except my current notebook has had a dodgy <F1> key for ages now and its pretty worn out.

I have had a dual cpu machine before, and its difficult to be able to use all the oomph in such a machine for the things I do, but a new upto date one may help with advancing the multithreaded version of CRiSP.

Current CRiSP releases have undocumented multithreaded macro support, but its only usable in a limited manner - more rearchitecting needs to be considered, and it will take a long time to be able to use it in a general manner whilst at the same time preserving reliability and dependability.

Having multiple threads can be helpful in some circumstances, e.g. for the File/Contents window view so that the user doesn't suffer and delays on slow networks or large folders.

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  NTL and Spam Wednesday, 07 December 2005  
I am under the impression that email from NTL's mail servers are having a hard time reaching some people, because I think NTL has been blacklisted by various ISPs due to the level of spam arising from some machines.

I believe I am seeing much mail directed at me but cannot be certain.

But some of my mail replies are bouncing so cannot track who can or cannot see me.

I have been contemplated a move away from the crisp.demon.co.uk email address, since I am paying over the odds for a mail host service and ISP support, when I only use the mail feature to preserve the mail address. This would be painful to change, so am considering the options, but probably nothing will change for at least a year until I get my head around all the permutations needed to be reachable.

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