Why is Engadget's new web site so awful? Friday, 07 December 2012  
I enjoy Engadget - great site with latest news. But I dont understand the latest revamp.

Gizmodo did this a while back and it too, is awful.

The thing wrong with Engadget (viewing this on a 1920x1080 Linux/Firefox combo), is that the fonts are huge - really huge (I'm guessing the titles for items is about 100 pixels high). Thats a waste of space.

Then, the images for each news item are huge - I can see only one news item (text) and image per screen display. And the images are not clickable.

Then theres all the other window dressing - bad combinations of font, color and contrast. It looks like it was put together by either a very short sighted person, or a 5 year old.

The m.engadget.com mobile web site by contrast is great (when it works; unfortunately on an Opera Mini, it keeps getting stuck at one of the "ad" web sites, so I have to switch from Opera to Firefox to read things on it.

On Gizmodo - the layout is equally awful - no real indication if I am reading the news from today or the news from 5 years ago, such is the diversity and lack of depth of the stories.

By contrast: slashdot - the style of news delivery has never changed; the recent web optimisations and revamp are "nice" - still not brilliant (reading threads on a mobile is an exercise in futility, and I still dont understand why most comments are not shown by default).

Why do IT web sites put about 100 bytes of information on a nearly 1MB web page? (Slashdot is good in signal/noise, as is theregister.co.uk).

I need to find an alternate to engadget/gizmodo, as they too annoying and waste bandwidth and CPU.

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  iTunes 11 Tuesday, 04 December 2012  
And in a change to our advertised program...

What is it with iTunes 11? Did they not test it? What was wrong with the old iTunes?

Organising TV Shows and Movies (ones you have personally recorded, not downloaded ones)....So to keep track of what I watch, I would have iTunes refer to the files in my video folder. And delete the files from disk and remove from iTunes.

Well on iTunes 11, and I havent worked this out yet...you cannot delete a Movie (which may/may-not be deleted from the hard drive). It quite happily puts the entry back again.

Yesterday, nothing worked and I have to force kill/restart iTunes - maybe it thought it had a dialog box to display, but I couldnt find it.

Today, theres no dialog, but it keeps putting them back.

And if I view the "Films" section - my films are not to be seen (so I can delete them), although the TV shows episodes/playlists are.

So - did they actually *test* this?

I dont believe they did.

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