A new editor ? Sunday, 23 March 2008  
Every now and again, people make available a new editor in the community.

We welcome new ideas and competition.

Todays entrant is Komodo. I downloaded and installed it, and that is about as far as I can tell you.

CRiSP is huge - at 29MB of disk for the complete install, it contains a lot of functionality aimed at all sorts of people. A trimmed down CRiSP can probably fit into 5MB or so.

Komodo comes in at 129MB. Its based on the mozilla engine. At least its not Java - which would have seen any/all of my machines grind to a crawl. (Why is Java so slow? I know, but I'm not telling .. yet !)

Whats worse than the 129MB is that it wont work on my first target machine, so I will give up unless theres stuff to learn from them.

CRiSP supports a large variety of operating systems, many old and no longer supported in themselves (AIX, DEC Alpha, SGI), and far too many Linux variants as they have mutated binary compatibility issues.

Alas, the competition hasnt learnt yet how to support these legacy unix systems (and these systems are not that old even). Its all to do with too many library dependencies.

In the meantime, theres CRiSP...which just works (unless you know different!)

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