Thursday, 30 April 2015  
The new replacement and home for the very old Demon website, where you can download copies of CRiSP is nearly ready. You can visit the website at

and you will find content and download links, but the links will be a bit stale as I copy things around. Hope to have this at parity in the next day or so.

You may not be able to actually download anything, but thats high on the list to fix.

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  Goodbye Demon - shame the service is so bad Sunday, 26 April 2015  
I joined Demon Internet back in 1992 - the first service provider in the UK, and home for CRiSP ( for the last 23y.

Despite various ownership changes of the company, it seems that the FTP service is no longer functioning and I will finally retire my Demon account this year.

For those of you looking to find CRiSP, you will find that eventually that website will vanish, and I will replace with another site - once I have decided on the best options.

My gmail accounts will continue to work, but my demon email address will stop working at some point.

This is just a heads up.

I hope I am wrong and the FTP service recovers, but it seems like Demon are transferring the hosting services to another provider, and nobody at Demon understands the product they own, so it appears.

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