Whats new in CRiSP Sunday, 06 January 2008  
Spent much of Christmas updating the text mode help. A few months back the on line help was migrated from Word 95 to HTML source - its been annoying acquiring new devices and having to dig out the Word 95 CD and then finding bits missing from different machines.

With HTML help, its easier to go through and give it consistency without worrying about Word crashing. Newer releases of Microsoft Office (Office 97, 2000, 2003, 2007) all break the older RTF file format used by CRiSP help.

Internally, the build of CRiSP compiles the HTML to compressed binary files, and from there, generates the character mode help from the compressed output file.

This has been lacking for many years - on the surface, it seemed reasonable, but on investigation, things broke, especially with the HTML conversion. For example, lists and tables.

This has undergone a variety of enhancements so that the help/txt files are readable and laid out sanely now.

Happy New Year

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